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To give customers something one-of-a-kind that they’ve never seen before – this was the motivational thinking behind HP’s Indigo digital printing technology, which allows the production of pressure sensitive labels (PSL) with expressive designs that make a lasting impact.  Now no two labels need to be printed exactly the same thanks to HP’s SmartStream Designer. This easy-to-use variable data-printing (VDP) tool enables the automatic creation of millions of unique designs based on variations of a set of core patterns or elements. The result! Labels that catch consumers’ attention, engaging them in a completely novel and memorable way, generating excitement and buzz for the product.  Customers can select the product with the label to which they most identify, creating a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

Lebone Paarl Labels’ newly acquired HP Indigo digital press includes this powerful software technology to allow their clients to affordably personalise their pressure sensitive labels with images, text and designs for sophisticated interactive campaigns.  “Label designers can select either the exclusive Mosaic or Collage application options,” explains Henk Jacobs, General Manager Lebone Paarl Labels. “Using an algorithm, HP Mosaic can generate virtually unlimited variations of a seed pattern by using scaling, transposition and rotation. Once the designer has developed the base patterns, the automated software handles all the processing.” Jacobs adds: “The more complex, detailed and colourful the base design, the better the results.” HP Mosaic was the technology behind Diet Coke’s “Extraordinary” campaign in Israel, where HP Mosaic was leveraged to produce 2 million unique bottles, contributing towards a double-digit sales increase.

Jacobs explains further: “HP Collage is different in that it allows you to create designs based on combinations of basic elements, each with one-of-a-kind artwork, that will be part of each and every variation to assure brand integrity, whilst maximising creativity. Your labels can quite literally tell your brand’s story.”

Spotlighting their clients’ brands through the delivery of exceptional pressure sensitive labels through UV flexo and digital self-adhesive printing and finishing technologies is at the absolute core of what Lebone Paarl Labels offers. “We have an established reputation for innovative production techniques and service solutions that will ensure your label meets your packaging requirements as well as stand out on the shelves,” says Warren Pietersen, Lebone Paarl Labels Pre Press Technical Manager. “Our HP Indigo’s sophisticated digital technology offers efficient, versatile high-resolution printing of pressure sensitive labels using up to 7 colours to create the full colour spectrum, plus silver for metallic finishes and white for shrink sleeves.” In addition to individually unique designs,

Lebone Paarl Label’s digital press also allows for the variable printing of unique elements such as text, images, barcodes, numbers and security features, with their customised abg Digicon Digital finishing line adding foiling, embossing/debossing and screen printed varnish in a single pass to incorporate depth and texture to a premium range label.

“Our clients’ brands have something to celebrate, a statement to make or simply a story to tell,” concludes Jacobs. “Whichever it is, our flexibility to deliver a truly personal service built around each client’s requirement taps into our advanced technology to create a point of differentiation for their products. This together with our Black Women Owned B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor status allows us to offer a truly value based production solution to the marketplace.”

For more information, visit www.lpaarllabels.co.za, or contact Lebone Paarl Labels at +27 21 877 6200 or info@lpaarllabels.co.za.

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