Specialists in innovative self-adhesive label design

We have an established reputation for innovative, pressure-sensitive self-adhesive labels. Our production techniques and service solutions will ensure your label meets your packaging requirements and stands out on the shelves.

UV flexo self-adhesive labels

For high quality, innovative UV flexo self-adhesive labeling solutions, Lebone Paarl Labels’ specialised facilities offer an array of options leaving you spoilt for choice. This method of rotary printing uses flexible relief plates affixed to cylinders, which are inked by a roll using rapid-drying ultra-violet (UV) curable inks. Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic presses offer inline finishing such as die-cutting, UV varnish, perforating, hot or cold foiling, laminating, debossing, embossing and screen-printing to ensure that our labels add the finishing touch to perfectly match your product and marketing designs.

UV Flexo Label Printing Pressure Sensitive Labels
digital label printing Pressure Sensitive Labels

Digital labels

Our sophisticated digital technology offers efficient and versatile high-resolution printing directly onto a substrate from electronic data using up to 7 colours to create the full colour spectrum, including silver for metallic finishes and white for sleeves. It is ideally suited but not limited to smaller label print runs and allows for the variable printing of unique elements such as text, images, barcodes, numbers and security features plus the creation of individually unique labels for maximum impact and customer interactivity.

Individually unique labels

SmartStream Mosaic Software allows us to create individually unique labels, each with their own combination of images, text and designs for maximum impact and customer interactivity. It automatically generates hundreds, thousands and even millions of designs from a limited number of base designs, creating a point of differentiation.

HP Mosaic Pressure Sensitive Labels
HP Mosaic Pressure Sensitive Labels
HP Collage Pressure Sensitive Labels
HP Collage Pressure Sensitive Labels

HP Mosaic

Generates virtually unlimited variations of a seed pattern by using scaling, transposition and rotations for individually unique labels.

HP Collage

Creates individually unique label designs based on combinations of basic elements that will be part of each and every variation.


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