Specialised production technology

Labels and the labeling process is a highly technical space with many aspects to consider, and each market and product has its own unique set of requirements in terms of performance and compliance. Our ongoing investment in the latest pressure sensitive label printing technology and people skills, combined with our commitment to always be innovative, positions Lebone Paarl Labels as as one of South Africa’s premium label supplier, which can deliver to each client’s unique requirements. Our advanced technology and finishing techniques help set your products apart in the marketplace

100% in house computer-to-plate process

Modern UV flexo and digital self-adhesive printing technologies

Specialised finishes for creative, marketing and security applications

Variable data facility

Established quality assurance procedures throughout

Comprehensive risk management in place to ensure continuity of production

Special finishes

Wine Label Foil Spot Varnish

Hot foiling

A Foil film is applied inline to an aspect of the label design through hot die stamping, which can be together with an emboss and overprinted on Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

wine-close-up ()

Cold foiling

An on-press Flexographic process that transfers a foil film onto a surface using printing plates and a UV curing lamp inline on the Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

Wine Label Emboss


The method of raising a design on a printed area to give a feeling of depth by using two dies to create a sophisticated feature is available on Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic machines and customized ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

label deboss finishing


The process of indenting lettering or image into a label surface, adding a depressed design element and giving a premium feel, offered inline on the Lebone Paarl Labels’ flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

Wine Label Die Cut

Die cutting

A cutting tool called a die is used to cut out the shape of the label on the pressure sensitive material where after the waste is removed leaving the label behind on the liner ready for application. Label shapes can be customized and designed to enhance aesthetic appeal.

lebone-paarl-labels-kumula (1)

UV varnishing

An overall high gloss or Matte finish applied to the printed surface to protect the print from scratching and scuffing as well as add aesthetic appeal. It is cured by exposure to a high intensity ultraviolet light source and is done inline of both the flexographic presses at digital finishing line at Lebone Paarl Labels.

label security features - hologram

Security features

Our security printing services include guilloche patterns, digital watermarks, holograms, QR and barcodes.

Lebone Paarl Labels - brand label barcode

Variable data

Using a computerised system, the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels can add variable images, text, numbers, barcodes, or colors onto the labels for distribution and warehousing tracking, security features or for personalised marketing campaigns.

Label Torn Effect

Torn effect

Naturally torn effect at the top of the label to provide an earthy feel.

perforation label finishing


A line of tiny holes/cuts is punched into the substrate to enable a label to be folded, torn off or separated easily. Perforation may be horizontal or vertical. Perforation size is based on the size of the cuts/holes and ties (space between holes), with the value listed as Teeth Per Inch. Lebone Paarl Labels offer perforation inline on its flexographic presses.

Label back printing

Back printing

Flexographic printing on the adhesive underside of a pressure sensitive substrate to desensitize the adhesive for easy placement upon application or leaving a dry edge for easy removal.

label screen printing

Screen printing

Ink is pressed onto the label through the image area of a properly stretched mess, providing an area of high coverage for strong colour, textured and tactile label finishes such as high build. It is also used to provide opacity when printing on clear or metallic substrates, and occurs inline on Lebone Paarl Labels’ flexographic presses and ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

Wine Labels
commercial wood labels
pharmaceutical labels
label substrates

Substrate options

  • Conventional self-adhesive papers in cast coated, semi-gloss and uncoated formats
  • Polypropylene and polyethylene in clear, white and metallic formats
  • Metallic papers, unsupported films and plastics
  • Specialty wine label papers including Superkote with unrivalled ice bucket properties, opacity and application qualities
  • “Tree free” paper, made from sugar cane fibre, a 100% renewable source, which offers everything expected from a premium quality wine label whilst being environmentally friendly
  • Digital printing on a wide range of substrates from pressure sensitive label stock, paperboard, and unsupported films with thickness from 12 to 450 microns.