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Standout self-adhesive substrates!

Standing out on the crowded retail shelf is key to increasing sales, and packaging is a critical element to differentiate products to catch consumers’ attention. Henk Jacobs, General Manager of Lebone Paarl Label, describes how the selection of the right substrate can form the foundation of their clients’ strategies to create impactful pressure sensitive labels (PSL).

“The substrate forms the canvas of the design as it contributes to both the look and feel of the final label,” explains Jacobs. “Our production experts understand how each option performs during the different printing and finishing processes, and work closely with clients and their graphic designers to advise them on the right stock to enhance the effect they wish to create. A client seeking a more textured look with a lot of fine type and an intricate hot foiling finish, for example, would be directed to one of our beautiful matte uncoated papers. Whereas designs with colourful images or artistic graphics and cold foiling would be better suited for a smooth coated option.”

Lebone Paarl Labels offers access to an extensive range of pressure sensitive label substrates for both UV flexo printing self-adhesive and digital printing from leading local and international suppliers, including coated and uncoated self-adhesive paper, polypropylene and polyethylene in clear, white and metallic formats as well as metallic, unsupported films and plastics.

“We have seen increasing product innovation from our substrate suppliers to expand the creative toolbox available for label design,” expands Jacobs. “The Avery Dennison’s Sensorial range, for example, offers different label surfaces created using soft touch, textured or patterned papers to add a premium, vintage or artisanal feel. Think velvet, cotton and wood at your fingertips! These diverse label surfaces offer outstanding visual impact and call the consumer to reach out and touch the product.”

“In addition to looking good, it’s also critical for substrates to offer the necessary functionality,” adds Jacobs. “Wine labels must not slip off damp bottles and white labels must stay white in an ice bucket. To ensure our client’s labels perform optimally, we offer specialty wine label papers, including Superkote, with unrivalled ice bucket properties, opacity and application qualities.”

If sustainability is a key priority to their clients, Lebone Paarl Labels further offers a “Tree free” paper, made from sugar cane fibre, a 100% renewable source, which offers everything expected from a premium quality label whilst being environmentally friendly.

“We highly recommend that our clients consult with our production experts on the selection of the right stock during the design process,” concludes Jacobs. “This may even spark new creative ideas that push the boundaries of design and ensure their pressure sensitive labels truly spotlight their brands.” 

Lebone Paarl Labels offers professional UV flexo and digital printing and finishing of exceptional quality self-adhesive labels from their modern operation in Paarl, Cape Town. For more information, visit or email

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