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Effective Labels by Lebone Labels

Your label is an essential part of your packaging, differentiating products from those of competitors on the shelf, as well as providing customers with information to motivate their purchase decision. To optimise a label’s impact, the printing thereof must do justice to the design. In fact, it’s often the innovative application of modern printing and finishing techniques that drives the design of the most effective labels.

Novus Holdings set up Paarl Labels as a separate entity in 2006 to provide a specialised label printing service to clients. Substantial investment in both leading edge technology and staff development saw the business established as forerunner in South Africa in the delivery of the highest quality, innovative UV flexo self-adhesive solutions.

Building from this sound foundation of production and staff expertise, the company’s recent shift in ownership, reflected in the new name Lebone Paarl Labels, allows for a more sharply focused, nimble operation with optimal empowerment ratings. With the existing team and operational infrastructure remaining in place to ensure uncompromised service continuity, Lebone Paarl Labels now has the flexibility to deliver a truly personal service built around each client’s requirements.

Spotlighting their clients’ brands through the delivery of exceptional self-adhesive labels is at the absolute core of what Lebone Paarl Labels offers. From cost effective solutions for high volume/low price producers to technologically advanced innovations to enhance products in the premium price ranges, their approach is to give every job personal attention, and push the boundaries of technology to exceed clients’ expectations.

Professional production

Labels and the labeling process is a highly technical space with many aspects to consider, each market and product having its own unique set of requirements in terms of performance and compliance. Lebone Paarl Labels ongoing investment in the latest label printing technology and people skills, combined with their commitment to always be innovative, positions them as a label supplier, which can deliver to each client’s unique requirements.

State-of-the-art digital and UV flexographic capabilities with inline finishing techniques such as cold/hot foiling, laminating, screening, UV varnishing, variable date and images, die-cutting and embossing, push the boundaries to ensure your self-adhesive and unsupported labels packaging requirements are met and help set your products apart.

If you are looking to truly maximise customer interactivity, their SmartStream Mosaic Software can automatically generates hundreds, thousands and even millions of designs from a limited number of base designs, creating a point of differentiation. This allows for the creation individually unique labels, each with their own combination of images, text and designs.

Uncompromised quality

Embracing the rapid advancements in software and equipment ensures Lebone Paarl Labels can reliably deliver UV flexo self-adhesive and digital labels of uncompromised quality faster and more efficiently. Systems are fully automated and streamlined from start to finish of the production process, and stringent quality processes have now been established at each step. Clients can be confident that every label on the production run is inspected independently for perfect continuity, full brand integrity, functionality and, above all, is produced to precise quality standards. Their world-class production facility is ISO 9001:2015, FSSC 22 000 and Mellow Colour accredited.

Perfect colour is not negotiable for high quality labels. A designated Colour Champion focuses on continuous improvement through the measurement and analysis of colour to ensure consistent, accurate colour appearance, conforming to the international ISO 12647 quality standards.

Empowered delivery

Lebone Paarl Labels’ Black Women Owned B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor status further sharpens their competitive edge in the marketplace, adding significant benefit to their customers financially, and in terms of increasing your own B-BBEE scores.

Client focused service

Lebone Paarl Label’s philosophy is focused on building strong partnerships with clients and suppliers through providing a service that’s flexible, responsive and innovative to ensure every label is always perfectly presented. Their team is highly skilled and experienced, working closely with clients through each stage of the sales and production process to provide specialist advice on the best possible substrate, adhesive, ink and print process combination that will ensure the label performs exceptionally through the labeling, distribution and retail of products.

For more information, visit www.lpaarllabels.co.za, or contact Lebone Paarl Labels at +27 21 877 6200 and info@lpaarllabels.co.za.

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