GLOSSARY - Everything you need to know about label printing

Consult our glossary for definitions of all the complex tems we use in the label printing industry. We hope you will find this helpfull.

Flexographic label printing on the adhesive underside of a pressure sensitive substrate to desensitize the adhesive for easy placement upon application or leaving a dry edge for easy removal.


A machine-readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, used especially for stock control. The HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels offers the opportunity to print variable data in the form of a Barcode to individualize each label.


The method of creating a raised design on a label without ink using two dies to create a sophisticated design feature is available on Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic machines and customized ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.


An on-press Flexographic process that transfers a foil film onto a surface using printing plates and a UV curing lamp inline on the Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.


The process of indenting lettering or image into a label surface, adding a depressed design element and giving a premium feel, offered inline on the Lebone Paarl Labels’ flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

A cutting tool called a die is used to cut out the shape of the label on the pressure sensitive material where after the waste is removed leaving the label behind on the liner ready for application. Label shapes can be customized and designed to enhance aesthetic appeal.


Printing images directly onto a substrate from electronic data without printing plates, ideally suited but not limited to smaller label print runs. Lebone Paarl Labels’ HP Indigo digital press offers versatile high-resolution printing with up to 7 colors in one machine pass to create the full colour spectrum, including silver for metallic finishes and white for shrink sleeves. It allows for the variable printing of unique elements plus the creation of individually unique labels for maximum impact and customer interactivity.


The method of raising a design on a printed area to give a feeling of depth by using two dies to create a sophisticated feature is available on Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic machines and customized ABG Digicon Digital label printing finishing line.


A non-paper label substrate that is usually waterproof, heat and chemical resistant. Includes polypropylene and polyethylene.


This refers to all the activities that are performed on printed labels inline at Lebone Paarl Labels, including decorative processes such as die cutting, hot or cold foiling, embossing, debossing, varnishing, screen printing, perforating or laminating.


A very thin metal film added to elements of the label design to give a beautiful mirror effect. Cold foil is transferred using a flexographic plate and adhesive and can only be transferred to completely smooth label substrates, whilst Hot foil uses a heated Brass block and can be applied through die stamping to more textured papers, together with an emboss. Both processes are applied inline at Lebone Paarl Labels on their flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

FSSC 22000

The Foundation Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) offers a complete certification Scheme for the auditing and certification of Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS). Lebone Paarl Labels’ FSSC 22000 accreditation confirms that the organisation’s food safety management system is in conformance with the Scheme requirements and that they are able to maintain compliance with these requirements.


Guilloche refers to anti-counterfeit design elements that are used for security purposes. It is a pattern of subtle thin wavy decorative lines and graphic patterns, primarily used on banknotes and securities. This is one of the security solutions offered by the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels.


This is a high-gloss spot varnish that is applied inline at Lebone Paarl Labels via a silkscreen, resulting in a raised area that is more prominent and has a tactile finish. It is used to create a distinctive label design for wines and other high quality products as well as brail varnishes.


A three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other light source, used as a security feature against forgery or for artistic designs. Printed on holographic stock or by ‘cold stamping’ holographic foil onto labels during label printing.


A Foil film is applied inline to an aspect of the label design through hot die stamping, which can be together with an emboss and overprinted on Lebone Paarl Labels’ Flexographic presses and customised ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.

An HP SmartStream Designer label printing software application on the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels that can generate virtually unlimited variations of a seed pattern by using scaling, transposition and rotations.

An HP SmartStream Designer label printing software application on the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels that can create designs based on combinations of basic elements, each with one-of- a-kind artwork, that will be part of each and every variation to assure brand integrity, whilst maximising creativity.


These inks print an image that is invisible to the eye under normal light but glows when the print is placed under a black lamp, one of security or anti-counterfeiting applications offered by the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels.

ISO 9001

An international quality management standard across a wide range of business processes. Lebone Paarl Labels’ ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and for continuous improvement.


A plastic clear film bonded inline at Lebone Paarl Labels by heat, adhesive and/or pressure to a printed label for protection, durability or appearance.


An advanced colour quality management system, technical training and auditing for printers that allows printers to upload job information onto databases for customers who have access, to approve new jobs online. Lebone Paarl Labels is Mellow Colour accredited.


Inks that consist of powder-like metallic flakes, such as aluminum and copper alloys, which are mixed with a varnish or pigment carrier, used primarily as a spot finish on premium labels such as for wine and spirits. Lebone Paarl Labels offers metallic inks on both their flexographic and digital label printing presses.

A line of tiny holes/cuts is punched into the substrate to enable a label to be folded, torn off or separated easily. Perforation may be horizontal or vertical. Perforation size is based on the size of the cuts/holes and ties (space between holes), with the value listed as Teeth Per Inch. Lebone Paarl Labels offer perforation inline on its flexographic presses.


A tough, stretchy plastic film with limited temperature resistance but tear and water-resistant. It can be produced more optically clear than polypropylene and it is commonly used at Lebone Paarl Labels for the production of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health and beauty products that needs labels to fit around containers or tubes that need to conform with the container when squeezed.


Similar to polyethylene but stronger and more rigid with a higher temperature and chemical resistance. It is tear-proof and waterproof as well as resistant to fading. Lebone Paarl Labels uses PP in various thicknesses for the printing of retail packaging labels such as for hair care, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products.

Also known as a self-adhesive label, this label is printed and die cut from pressure sensitive substrates that stick when the adhesive on the back of it comes in contact with almost any surface and pressure is applied. No activation by water, solvent or heat is required. Spotlighting their clients’ brands through the delivery of exceptionally finished pressure sensitive labels is at the absolute core of what Lebone Paarl Labels offers.


A ‘quick response’ code of a unique combination of printed black and white squares on a label, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone camera. Used to launch a website, send a text message, enter into a competition, download a file, and other marketing applications, this variable data feature is one of those offered by the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels.

Ink is pressed onto the label through the image area of a properly stretched mess, providing an area of high coverage for strong colour, textured and tactile label finishes such as high build. It is also used to provide opacity when printing on clear or metallic substrates, and occurs inline on Lebone Paarl Labels’ flexographic presses and ABG Digicon Digital finishing line.


Adding a feature on the labels on the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels such as micro-text, micro QR, security fonts, Guilloche patterns, invisible ink and watermarks can assist in eliminating counterfeiting, whilst unique QR and barcodes enable supply chain track & trace and product authentication for brands.


Refers to solid colours which are found in commercially obtainable colour ranges such as Pantone®, e.g. Printing metallic colours or a specific corporate colour not replicable by CMYK on a label. All presses at Lebone Paarl Labels can accommodate a spot colour.

An overall high gloss or Matte finish applied to the printed surface to protect the print from scratching and scuffing as well as add aesthetic appeal. It is cured by exposure to a high intensity ultraviolet light source and is done inline of both the flexographic presses at digital finishing line at Lebone Paarl Labels.

A surface onto which a label image can be imprinted. Lebone Paarl Labels offers a full range of label substrates, including conventional self-adhesive papers in cast coated, semi-gloss and uncoated formats; polypropylene and polyethylene in clear, white and metallic formats; metallic papers, unsupported films and plastics; specialty wine label papers; environmentally friendly “Tree free” paper as well as a wide range of digital printing substrates.


A method of rotary printing, which uses flexible relief plates affixed to cylinders that are inked by a roll using rapid-drying ultra-violet (UV) curable inks. Lebone Paarl Labels’ flexographic presses offer inline finishing such as die-cutting UV varnish, perforating, hot or cold foiling, laminating, debossing, embossing and screen-printing.


Using a computerised system, the HP Indigo digital press at Lebone Paarl Labels can add variable images, text, numbers, barcodes, or colors onto the labels for distribution and warehousing tracking, security features or for personalised marketing campaigns.


A visible digital image or text can be digitally printed on the label by the HP Indigo press at Lebone Paarl Labels to identify ownership of the copyright.

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